« Triplette de Saigon » by joel Tenzin.⁠ Oil on canvas 50x70cm⁠ It was in the garlic market ( yes, dozens of stands selling only garlic ) in HoChiMinh. It was busy as a viet street, but those ones were still . I took some photos and asked for their adress, to send them the photos. no answer. Asked another merchant to translate, he told me they don’t know how to write, and have not a real adress. I never give to beggars, and we often come to quite uncomfortable situation when people are a lot poorer than you. I do prefer to exchange photos, smiles, food, activities. But here, I asked what would be a fair price for one hour of work, and gave them. Asked the merchant his address, for sending the photos, and to translate that I considered posing as a work, and paid for it. Not sure they understood the concept, but the smile said it was needed. From this day, I pay my models. Many doesn’t want to, but it is a better relation. I do not have the same problem when painting in public. A painting is made, a photo is taken.

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